Location: Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines 
Size: 675 Sq. Ft.
Spring 2020
Philippines is known for home of hospitable people in world. They welcome everyone to share the beauty and the rich culture of the country. Philippines is also known as tropical country. Another good source of agriculture such as rice and native coconut product. 
Abaniko perceptual passage is located on top of Banaue rice terraces view port. A landmark that helps to attract more tourist to visit the site and locals to grow their local business. 
The design is based on a hand-held fan that Filipinos called as “Abaniko”. It’s a curvy pentagon shape with weaved palm leaves. Using the abstraction process, the passage is very modern and clean with its aesthetic while using natural local materials such as mud clay and weaved bamboo. 
Another featured of this design, is using a live grass roof to filter the raindrops before it hits the rice terraces. Using this method it considered as sustainable by using natural water.       ​​​​​​​
Instructor: Eduardo Perez
Medium: Sketch Up, Adobe Indesign, Drafting, Rendering Marker, and Autocad