Partner: Jennifer Lopez
Location: Baja California, Mexico
Size: Varies
Fall 2020
The NEWH Green Voice Design Competition provides students with the opportunity to showcase their design skills while utilizing the very best in sustainable design products and practices.
Located in Baja California, the Encuentro Guadalupe is a boutique hotel that offers a sustainable and immersive nature experience. This unique hotel provides its guests a relaxing getaway that overlooks the Valle de Guadalupe which features vineyards as far as the eye can see. Combining both industrial and contemporary design, the architects from Gracia Studio have created a non-obstructive unison of both the interior and exterior surrounding. 
This design has been labeled a sustainable space due to its use of locally sourced labor and materials. In addition to the locally sourced elements, this location does not permit vehicles on its grounds and transportation throughout the site is enabled by walking to each location or driving by site provided shuttles. This means of transportation allows each guest to fully immersed with the surrounding landscape without the obstruction of everyday stresses. The Encuentro Guadalupe is a beautiful fusion between a human made and a natural environment that designs itself. With this unique design, some upgrades could be made to enhance the experience, as well as inclusion of all abilities.
Featured: 2nd Place CSULB Innovation Hour Sustainability Showcase
People's Choice Award

Instructor: Eduardo Perez
Medium: Sketch Up, Adobe InDesign, Drafting, Enscape, and AutoCAD