Location: Vancouver Canada
Size: 2,000 Sq. Ft
Spring 2020
Vancouver, Canada is known for amazing urban architecture that also connect nature to their locals. They also host many event for the winter olympics. Canada is known fro hot spring and amazing ski resort. That’s the inspiration of Nupika wu’u spa.
Nupika wu’u spa is targeting many locals and aspiring athletes to enjoy and relax after a long run in ski resort. Spa provide several treatment such as hot spring, cold sauna, and different muscle treatment to experience.
Design was based on a cabin style with modern and industrial finishes. Future clients can experience a cozy atmosphere with wood panel ceiling. Black slate wall finished was based on the coal that were Vancouver is famous for mining. The space offer a two outdoor space to enjoy that offers fire pit during winter season.
Instructor: Eduardo Perez
Medium: Sketch Up, Adobe InDesign, Drafting, Rendering Marker, and AutoCAD