Location: Design Building | California State University
Size: 44,000 Sq. Ft.
Fall 2019​​​​​​​
Tensegrity hallway is inspired with the idea of famous architect Buckminster fuller: Tensegrity.  It is an elision of ‘tension + integrity’. Buckminster fuller, building on the highly original sculptures of Kenneth Snelson, coined the term, to indicate that the integrity of the structure derived from the balance of tension members, not the compression struts.
The design is based with the abstraction of Tensegrity with hexagon shape. The floor plan layout changed from the original plan aiming for intimate space for students and visitors to collaborate with their thoughts and ideas. It also proposed a material library outside of the private room, so everyone have access to the most updated materials in the field. 
Objective: to proposed a design of an existing structure with efficient lighting design with sustainable ability. Using skylight and led lights, it lessen the use of energy throughout the building.
Instructor: Von Dominguez
Medium: Sketch Up, Adobe Indesign, Drafting, Rendering Marker, and Autocad